Why you needa Yard Truck for your facility

Published: 24th May 2011
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Are there other brands of Yard Trucks?
Champion - originally created by Champion Carriers in Irving, TX, in 1977 the product line was sold to American Coleman Co. in Littleton, CO. The Champion construction carried on until 1987 when the manufacturer product line was bought by Ottawa Truck, and production ended.

Shuttle Spotter originally made by T & J Industries in St. Louis, Mo.T&J had been the successful bidder on the US Postal deal during the early 80ís. Shortly after the contract was concluded, they went out of production. The most significant quantities of these units were powered with the 8.2 liter Detroit diesel. A worthwhile design feature of the truck was a glass sliding rear door. Otherwise, there was very little else that was noticeable in regards to this unit. Parts remain available for these tractors, but they're challenging to find or affordable.

Rhino - This was an appealing looking tractor which had a fiberglass cab using robotic looking mirrors. In the beginning the Rhino was produced by a subsidiary of Southern Railway, AG Motors in Fresno, CA . The truck was introduced in 1982, and production continued until about 1987. A lot of these units found a home inside the Southern Railway operation, and also some marine terminals. We have not been able to discover anyone who can provide any more detail about the units, and are aware of no parts sources for this vehicle.

Linehauler - A low-profile yard tractor which was initially produced in San Jose, CA. Production took place between early 70ís to the early 80ís after which Capacity of Texas acquired this product line. Certainly one of its outstanding characteristics was that the cab deck was placed rather high above the engine, and the slim cab had a RH entrance which would permit the driver to get out of the cab on the right and step onto a large flat deck area. This cab was around 12" higher from the ground than other yard truck of the era. Currently the population is dwindling and a few remain in service. Parts are very hard to find, and we now are not aware of any parts source for these tractors.

SISU / Magnum - SiSU is a organization operating out of Finland. They're a major supplier of semi trucks, truck axles, and defense related equipment for the European marketplace. During the early 80ís SiSU opened a production center in White Oak, Texas. Production went on inside the White Oak plant right until 2002 when SiSU bought Ottawa Truck. Shortly after materials and production related property from this plant were shifted to the Ottawa facility in Kansas. SISU had some success in the US marketplace with their "Magnum" yard tractors. A reasonable quantity of these units still remain in service. Even though this model is not presently made available by Ottawa in the USA, they might still construct some for overseas markets. One particular design feature of the early SISU units was the "Tall Texan" cab which featured a longer height roof and rear entry door which helped the driver to enter and exit the cab with a minimum of bending over to make it through the doorway. Although this made for a bizarre looking tractor, the concept caught on and Ottawa and Capacity began providing the extended height cab (much better looking) for their own units.

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